WYMSY automatically generates navigation

set up your pages with top or left drop-downs and/or sub-menus

get started

Click the SiteMaster button at the bottom of this page. In SiteMaster, click the Menus tab at the top. Now you're ready to name your pages and set your navigation.

Start with the "Select A Main Menu Item" box on the left hand side of the screen. Click in the box and then move right to the "Define Item" box. Use the pull down menu to select a page and press the insert button. This will take you to "Add Page" for you to name the page and create its attributes.

Once you have made your pages, it is easy to move them around and add new pages.

tailor the look of each page

You can set the menus shown at the page level when you create and name the page and hide all menus for splash pages.