content management made easy

To enter or edit content, toggle from the SiteMaster window to your website and click at the top of the page you wish to edit, then click on the EasyEdit button in the upper left hand corner. Then simply enter the text or graphics inside the window and save your work. You can preview any changes instantly after you save a draft copy. Although they appear in the window, it will not be seen on the live site until you choose to publish your changes.

work in either WYSIWYG* or HTML!

(*what you see is what you get)

supports free-form hand coding to maximize design flexibility. When you first click on EasyEdit icon it will briefly flash the HTML edit page, then automatically open to the more user-friendly WYSIWYG editing page. To switch back to HTML click on the <> icon in the second row of the toolbar, first on the right. To return to WYSIWYG, click on the <> icon again.

save time updating content


The WYSIWYG editor is so intuitive and the toolbar so familiar, non-technical content owners have the option of updating their own pages. For the self-sufficient client, this is a great feature and the capability is included in the hosting fee. There is no software to buy for either the designer or the client for the duration of use.

save on design time

The designs set in SiteMaster for the font style, color and size automatically carry to all pages, and you can also customize at the individual page level. For example, headings can default to the text color in the body or be changed at the page level.

copy and paste 

EasyEdit has a style-stripper option to remove styles from the source and replace them with the default parameters of your design.
Try copying and pasting text from another source. Chances are, the source font style and color will come with it. The style-stripper icon looks like an eraser and is found in the second row of the toolbar, fourth from the right. Try it! It's a real time saver.

fast links

With WYMSY, you can easily build links to other pages within your site, such as the Welcome page. It's as easy as clicking on the Insert/Edit Link icon found in the second row of the toolbar, fifth in from the left, and entering the page number. To set up external links type and highlight (select) the URL, click the Insert/Edit icon and enter the address in the Links pop-up menu. You also have the option of opening your link or image in the same page, a new window or as a pop-up image.